Fuel can holder for Land Rover LR3 and LR4

Part No: BR-FCH2-LR-0

Our brackets fit (2) 5 Gal./20 Liter fuel cans. They are designed to protect your fuel caps and are lockable. Also, our new handle makes it easy to take them off and on, and, if you have NATO cans, the handle can help you open the lock on the spouts.

This accessory mounts in front of Discovery 3 (LR3) or Discovery 4 (LR4) STD and EXP racks. 
Accessory BR-TENTPLATES-0 are needed for mounting in the back of the rack.

You can secure your accessory with a lock similar to:

$ 205 U.S.D.

This product fits:

LR3 & LR4 STD Rack

LR3 & LR4 EXP Rack