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Best Camper Shell Roof Rack System

Camping does not have to be an exhausting process. However, if you are tired of spending precious time installing poles and anchoring down your tent to brave the elements, there is a better solution. A camper shell roof rack system may be just what you need for your outdoor adventure. 

What is a Camper Shell Roof Rack System?

Camper shells are essentially a place for you to sleep that sits on top of your vehicle. This setup is not possible without an appropriate roof rack system that will fit your automobile. 

You can find both hard shell and soft canvas options for spending the night outdoors. The type of camper shell you have will help you determine which roof rack system is best suited for your vehicle. 

Hard Shell Rooftop Camper

Like the one from Campoint, a hard shell rooftop camper compacts within a solid shell to sit on top of a vehicle attached to a roof rack system. This option is straightforward to set up, making light work of settling down for the night, even in bad weather conditions. 

Canvas Rooftop Camper Tent 

The alternative is using a canvas rooftop camper tent, like this model from Campoint, quite similar to traditional tents you would use during camping trips. Additionally, they are flexible and include PVC waterproof covers for premium water resistance. 

Roof Rack System 

When using either type of rooftop camper on your vehicle, it is crucial to have the right roof rack system to support it correctly. Several styles will suit both types of camper shells. 

Whether the model is flat or a roof basket, it can help keep a camper shell secure during transportation and while in use. 

The Benefits of a Roof Rack for a Camper Shell 

The addition of a roof rack for a camper shell is beneficial in several situations. You can create extra storage space for bulky items as well as provide space for a camper shell. In addition, these racks help secure all items to the roof and free up space inside the vehicle. 

When you use a roof rack for a camper shell, you do not have to worry about packing and unpacking a complicated tent each time you go out on an adventure. Instead, camper shells are incredibly easy to set up and use, making them an efficient way to explore the outdoors. 

The Best Camper Shell Roof Rack System 

The market has several roof racks for camper shell products to suit various vehicles and needs. When shopping for your camper shell roof rack system, you must determine the camper shell load rating before adding travel items. You do not want to overload your vehicle and cause avoidable damage. 

Here are some of the best choices you will find for your car, truck, or SUV. 

BajaRack Standard Basket Camper Shell Rack

For a versatile roof rack camper shell basket, this model from BajaRack is terrific. Mount it easily to popular slide tracks, such as Thule and Yakima, or many cap, shell, and topper brands, including Leer, Snugtop, etc. 

The one-piece construction ensures you can install this roof rack system quickly and be on your way for adventure. Vehicle side rails must be at least 47” long with the center to center distance between the rails ranging from 35.5” to 44.5” total. 

Some of the vehicles where this Standard Basket Camper Shell Rack is suitable include: 

  • Chevy 
  • GMC 
  • Ford 
  • Dodge 
  • Toyota 
  • Mazda
  • Nissan

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, this Standard Basket Camper Shell Rack from BajaRack is ideal for automobiles ranging in age from 1961 right up to 2020. 

The basket style can ensure that your cargo stays put while traveling outdoors. In addition, it includes a built-in wind deflector for noise reduction and aid in fuel economy. 

BajaRack Flat Utility Camper Shell Roof Rack with Wind Deflector 

It can help to have a camper shell roof rack system that includes a wind deflector. These additional pieces can help reduce noise during traveling when you have a full load on top of the vehicle. 

Another benefit of using a wind deflector on this Flat Utility Camper Shell Roof Rack is its aid in fuel economy. With a more aerodynamic roofing system, the vehicle will not have as much wind resistance that causes more fuel consumption. 

This BajaRack is lightweight at only 32 pounds and uses durable US-made materials to ensure your cargo is secure. In addition, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, making it ideal for the use of extensive trips outdoors. 

BajaRack Flat Utility Camper Shell Roof Rack

This Flat Utility Camper Shell Roof Rack from BajaRack is similar to other models but does not contain a wind deflector. BajaRack does recommend the installation of another rack above the cab of the truck when using this model. 

It consists of U.S. cold-rolled steel materials for durability and longevity. The powder coating helps maintain quality so that you can use this camper shell roof rack for years. In addition, the flat style provides more flexibility than the restrictions that you will find in a basket camper shell.

This BajaRack Flat Utility Camper Shell Roof Rack is suitable for many makes and models of vehicles, including: 

  • Chevrolet Colorado and S10
  • GMC Sonoma
  • Ford Ranger
  • Dodge Dakota 
  • Toyota Tacoma 
  • Mazda B3000 and B4000
  • Nissan Frontier 


Using a camper shell roof rack can help make your outdoor adventures hassle-free. Whether you want to use a hard or soft camper shell, these racks from BajaRack will fit the bill perfectly. Each style has advantages, so determining your specific needs will help you decide which roof rack system will work best. 

Be sure you know the weight limits of your camper shell before loading up your vehicle for an adventure. Many BajaRacks can support a significant amount of weight, but you do not want to overload them past their capacity. Doing so would risk costly damage that is avoidable. 



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