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Why the Mule and the MegaMule by BajaRack are the Best Universal Roof Racks

Are you looking for the best universal roof rack? Is your vehicle missing a roof rack? Installing a roof rack on your car is no easy feat. It would be best if you took the time when selecting one. This will help you to make the most out of it. A roof rack is an essential part of any vehicle, as it enables you to create more space in your car, 

Most people use roof racks as an extra storage compartment, an addition to the vehicle's boot. You can use it to ferry large items such as canoes and kayaks from one place to another. It is worth noting that roof racks do not come in a standard size across the board. Therefore, if you are in the process of buying a new car, a roof rack should be part of your considerations before making the purchase. 

The Mule vs. The MegaMule by BajaRack 

BajaRack has a variety of roof racks in stock. The roof racks available are designed for specific vehicle models. However, not all models get these specific roof racks. Do not fret! There are several options available.

The Mule and MegaMule by Bajarack are available and are the best universal roof racks. You only need crossbars. You can then proceed to attach the rack using our compatible brackets.

The Mule is one of the newest generations of the roof racks we have to offer. It is made of lightweight aluminum. It is simple and does not appear bulky. It comes with a modular design and adjustable flooring system that ensures all your luggage fit. The mule also comes fitted with flexible tie-down points. It is also important to note that it provides form fitting around each vehicle application.

On the other hand, the MegaMule is also a fantastic option because of how light, strong and silent, it is. It is also a great addition to SUVs, especially those that have a major setback when it comes to the storage facility. The MegaMule roof rack suits large SUVs best as the basket is 64” wide. You can practically fit anything on this roof rack. 

The MegaMule is easy to install. It also mounts on all crossbars, therefore, you can rest assured that it is compatible with your car. It is also possible to mount it on aftermarket crossbars. The MegaMule also gives you the allowance to have an additional set of load bars, especially if you are looking for an extra base for your tents and canoes. 

Benefits of Getting the Mule and the MegaMule by BajaRack Universal Roof Racks 

The Mule and the MegaMule by BajaRack are the best universal roof racks. Here is why you should have them installed:

  • Optimization of your storage space

The main reason why people have the Mule roof racks installed on their vehicles is to maximize their storage space. Look no further! We've got you sorted with the best universal roof rack. Our roof racks help you create more room where you can safely store your extra luggage and gadgets. All you have to do is select the roof rack that suits you best. 

  • Enhances the appearance of your vehicle

Our roof racks are considered the best universal roof racks. The MegaMule roof rack enhances the aesthetic appeal of your car. It will give your vehicle the edge it needs to stand out from the rest. Our roof rack is the missing component you need to spruce up the appearance of your car. Besides, you can permanently remove the rack system whenever you please.

  • Shields your car from interior damage

A roof rack is an essential part of any vehicle. The MegaMule roof rack helps enhance the vehicle's longevity and durability. The separate storage compartment provides you with a space where you can typically store anything. Storing heavy items inside the car over a long period leads to wear and tear. We have the best universal roof rack that will help you avoid interior damages to your vehicle

  • Enhanced security 

People often shy away from having roof racks installed on their cars because of safety issues. These concerns are valid, but we provide the best universal roof rack with an extra security feature. You can lock your items onto the Mule roof rack and go about your day without a care in the world. One can only be able to remove the items from the roof rack if they have the key. Therefore, you can rest assured that your items are safe. 

  • Best mode to transport fragile items  

We have the best universal roof rack. The MegaMule roof rack provides you with a secure way to ferry fragile and delicate items. The roof rack comes fitted with a water-resistant outer cover, which ensures that the items being transported are safe at all times. The roof rack also comes with seals and locks to ensure that no one can access the luggage. 

  • Enhance your vehicle's versatility 

Any vehicle faces a couple of setbacks, especially when it comes to storage. These limitations are pretty apparent, especially if you are trying to ferry large items. You will either have to make back, and forth trips or seek assistance from a transportation company. We have the best universal roof rack that provides you with versatility. The Mule roof rack will help you carry bigger and heavier items. 

  • It comes with extra lighting features

If you are a camping fan, then getting our roof rack is definitely worth your while. Not only will it provide you with additional support when it comes to storage, but it also comes with extra lighting features. The extra lighting feature will help you navigate the terrain at night. The headlights are most inadequate in such situations. Ultimately, you end up saving money, which would have been spent trying to find a way of incorporating the extra lighting. 

  • Provides plenty of room

If camping is your go-to activity whenever you are free, then our roof rack will be a great addition to you. The roof rack provides you with plenty of space for a rooftop tent. Moreover, there are no limitations. You can comfortably use any tent. However, it is essential to ensure that the MegaMule roof rack is firm enough to withstand the weight of the tent. Revolutionize your camping experience with the best universal roof rack today!

  • Enhances comfort

There is nothing more dreadful than traveling over long distances in a crammed-up car. Packing luggage in your car eats up a lot of space, thus limiting your legroom. At times, you may even have to adjust the seats to ensure that your luggage fits in the car. Do not fret! With our Mule roof rack, you can avoid these challenges. 

It provides you with adequate storage space. The enhanced comfortability means you can freely stretch your legs as much as you want and sit comfortably. Our roof racks are large enough to accommodate your luggage. 

From the above premises, it goes without saying the important role a roof rack plays in your vehicle. Travel in style and comfort by having your vehicle fitted with either the Mule and the MegaMule roof rack today! Besides, we are the best in the game. 



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