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Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack with SPY Light System - UTility (flat) (2005-2022)


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    The rack includes our SPY Light System that is compatible with vehicles equipped with or without sunroof. With a turn of a switch reveals your hidden LED bar you can adjust the beam angle to give you maximum range. The top of this rack is completely flat to transport large objects such as lumber, canoes, roof top tents, etc. This rack was designed around the 4 factory mounting positions on the roof of the vehicle without obstructing the operation of the sunroof, there is a cutoff on the floor of the rack to avoid interference with the roof antenna. No drilling required. LED Bar not included.

    Spylight System is a Special UTility Rack and can't be retrofitted to our regular racks.

    The rack includes a cutout for the factory satellite radio antenna and it only adds 4.5" of height to your truck making it a low profile solution.



  • Technical Specs

    Includes rack, all mounts, stainless steel hardware, aluminum wind deflector, Spy Light actuator system, and Spy Light cable & switch. Compatible with Bajadesigns 40” S8, Rigid Industries 40" E-Series, and, with a bar support (please call to order this item separately), Vision X 35" XMITTER Low Profile LED bars. LED Lightbar and LED cable/switch are not included.

    Please note that our SPY UTility racks are specially designed UTility racks specifically made to be compatible with our SPY Light System.

    Material and Thickness: 1” (25.4mm) and 1/2’”(12.7mm) Steel tubing
    Wind Deflector: 0.062” (1.57mm) 5050-H32 Aluminum
    Finish: Epoxy primer (rust inhibitor) with black powder coating
    Rack weight: 39Lb (17.69Kg)
    Load Capacity: Dynamic (while driving) 200Lb (90.7 kg); Static 400Lb (181.4 kg)
    Measurements: 48”(1219.2mm) Wide x 60” (1524 mm) Long x 1.5” (38.1mm) tall
    Cargo area: 19.99ft² (1.85m²)
    Mounting method: Mounting Brackets(4 total)

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    Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack with SPY Light System - Utility (flat) (2005-2022)

    This flat Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack with SPY Light System is meant for Tacomas built between 2005-2022. This product does not include the LED light bar. BajaRack tacoma roof racks are built with US-made, cold-rolled steel tubing and best in class powder coating to ensure quality.


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