bajarack vs gobi

How do you choose the right roof rack for your car? Your style and preference is a factor that most times influences your choice of racks. However, you should consider other essential factors to know the excellent rack for your car roof.

Baja Rack and the Gobi are two popular rack options. Both racks have their similarities and differences. They also have their unique functions and superiority over the other.

What is a Baja rack used for? If you are looking to buy a frame and are not sure which rack options to choose from. Understanding the best qualities of a roof rack and the rack type that possesses those qualities will help make the right choice. Here's a comparison of two of the most prominent roof rack types: Baja Rack vs. the Gobi.


Gobi Roof Racks

GOBI racks were manufactured to provide solutions to choosing between the aesthetic and functionality of car roof racks.

The manufacturers wanted buyers to have no reason to choose between the two options when they could have both. As a result, they built Gobi racks with high quality, durable materials that were also beautiful. 

They implemented modern concepts to build strong roof racks with beautiful designs. It was common for car accessories such as racks and ladders to have a short life span compared to vehicles.

Also, solid and long-lasting accessories were not aesthetically pleasing and did not match the vehicle's beauty. Gobi racks have a long life span with many elegant designs from which buyers can choose.

What is a Baja rack? 

Manufacturers created Baja racks with outdoor and camping lovers in mind. They built the racks to transport all camping gear safely. Before now, campers had to make do with carrying only the most critical loads. 

Piling a lot of heavy gears on the available roofs will only lead to rack damage or sometimes denting the car roof. Bajaracks have made it possible for campers or adventurers to carry every gear they need without damaging the vehicle roof.

They are passionate about customers and use the best materials and manufacturing processes to produce durable and affordable roof racks and accessories.

They also have beautiful designs that look good on different brands of cars and trucks. Baja is in San Diego, California, and has expanded to other continents.


Are Baja racks steel or aluminum

Baja Rack roof racks consist of US-Made, cold-rolled steel tubing and best-in-class powder coating. This makeup allows for improved strength-to-weight ratio, quality, and high resistance to rust and other forms of degradation.

Although Baja racks are of steel, the steel is cold-rolled, and while manufacturing, is heated below the recrystallization temperature, unlike hot-rolled steel. 

As a result, cold-rolled steel is solid, resistant, and has a good surface finish. These qualities are adequate for a car rack.


Cost is another factor to consider. The total price for the Gobi rack is more expensive than the Bajaracks. Although, there are different rack types, and your total cost will depend on your specific requirements.

How much do Baja roof racks cost? The Baja Rack itself is not very expensive. However, when you add accessories to the purchase, the price may be equivalent to the Gobi rack. 

For example, a Full Mesh Rack may cost up to $1450. Then if you are adding a ladder to the purchase, you have to pay up to $350 extra. Buying a Freight will cost about $170.  Ladders and other necessary accessories come freely with the Gobi rack.

So, when calculating the cost of the two types of racks, they are almost the same. However, if you do not need fancy accessories, you can spend less buying only the Baja Racks. Also, Gobi racks may take a lot of time(months) for delivery.

Strength and Types Of Products Carried

Can you stand on top of a Baja roof rack?

Baja racks are of the best quality. The racks are sturdy and fit well on SUVs or trucks. If you love camping, you sure have to carry all your necessary gear and equipment along to have a fun experience.

Bajarack’s are durable and strong enough to carry all your camping gear, especially if you balance them properly. 

For vehicles like Tacoma's, 4 Runners, Toyota, Landcruisers, and other vehicles popularly used for camping, Baja Racks have baskets and flat racks that help you balance heavy gears on the roof.

Can you walk on top of a Baja roof rack? Baja racks have an excellent reputation and feedback about the strength of the frames. Here are two comments on the quality by two members in the Toyota 4Runner forum:

"Mine has been on for a little over 2 yrs. No issues with powder coating, pretty solid rack. I haven't noticed any denting under the mounts, but I also haven't loaded it with more than 200 lbs. I read the same threads about the mounts, so I haven't stood on it and have distributed the weight evenly."

"I don't know about the mounting on the Runner, but I have had three racks from Baja Rack on my FJ's and never had an issue with shipping damage or their powder coat. One rack was on my FJ for over six years and was in great condition. It is still in service on a buddy's FJ. The only issue I ever had was the clear coat on the wind deflector coming off. It would be a quick fix with a little sanding and a spray can."

Baja racks also have sturdy ladders and mounts that make their usage comfortable.

Gobi racks, on the other hand, are also very durable. The racks were manufactured with advanced quality materials, making it easy to carry heavy cargo with minimum dents or bend.

Gobi roof racks can support heavy items like bikes, cargo boxes, camping equipment, tents, kayaks, ladders, and other bulky gear.


Baja Racks and Gobi Racks are both suitable racks for your car roof. Based on quality, durability, cost, duration of delivery, and other factors, the verdict is that Baja Rack is a better option.

Gobi racks are an excellent Baja rack alternative. Investing in a Bajarack, however, will give you satisfactory results.

Where to buy Baja racks? There are a lot of dealers in different countries. You can also get them on popular sites like Amazon.