roof rack accessories

Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, transporting your outdoor gear, or just looking to upgrade the utility of your vehicle, you’ll want to check out our favorite roof rack accessories for this year. There’s nothing more important than making sure you are fully prepared before a new adventure. 

Even those with large purpose-built vehicles can benefit greatly from our roof rack accessories which can offer additional storage, convenience, and accessibility where you really need it. These accessories are essential to take your vehicle’s travel capabilities to the next level.

Our Top Choices

These are the best car roof accessories to shop for: 

There are many factors at play when deciding which roof accessories will add the most functionality to your vehicle. A hi lift jack mount roof rack is usually the first step in building out the roof rack’s utility. If you’re planning more adventurous trips, there are lots of options to help you get the most out of a roof rack. 

If you’ll be camping, taking long trips, or getting off-road, you may need spare fuel on roof rack, a roof rack shower, and a shovel roof rack mount. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some extra convenience, you may want to add a roof ladder for easy accessibility. 

Lastly, for transporting recovering skids, you’ll need a MAXTRAX roof rack mount. Each accessory on this list has its place, and for those of you looking to maximize the safety and convenience of your next travel experience, these products are for you. 

1. Flat Hi Lift Jack Roof Rack Mount

This Flat Hi Lift Jack Roof Rack Mount is the first major step in building out the perfect roof rack for your next adventure. It has ​​metal brackets so you can mount a Hi-Lift to STD and mesh flooring of the rack. This includes two pieces in each kit. 

It is super easy to secure using a Master Lock or similar locking system. This roof rack hi lift jack mount is made of top-quality materials to ensure you can keep on adventuring. The hi lift jack mounts for roof rack are made up of ​​1/8 inch (3.175 mm) and 3/16 inch (4.7 mm) steel. 

The rack-mount is finished with an epoxy primer to keep away rust, and it’s powder-coated black for a sleek and modern look. The hi lift jack mount Tacoma roof rack mounts install on the floor of the rack and include a detailed manual to get you up and running right away. 

2. Lifesaver Jerrycan Shower Attachment

If you’re venturing away from the comforts of home, you’ll want to grab a roof rack shower attachment. It features an easy-fit solution for washing up on the go when there is no shower or tap water available. 

Don’t get stuck out in the wilderness with no way to shower. Bring your own water, connect the attachment, and then shower up before hitting the road again. This product is fittingly called Lifesaver, and you’ll be glad you have it on your next trip. 

3. Overhead MAXTRAX Roof Rack Mount

Once you start venturing off-road or into snowy conditions, you’re going to need some recovery skids. These MAXTRAX mounting brackets go on the mesh or tubing of the roof rack. It’s made of durable steel and finished with an epoxy primer and powder-coated black to keep it looking good while staying rust-free.

These are the perfect solution to getting out of sticky situations, and you’ll need the MAXTRAX roof rack mount to bring them along. Avoid this issue of getting stuck in the mud or snow before you head out so you can have peace of mind while you’re out there exploring nature.   

4. Flat Roof Rack Axe & Shovel Mount

Oftentimes, when out on a camping trip, you’ll need an ax and a shovel to clear and prepare the campgrounds. These bulky, dirty tools are much better suited to be outside of your vehicle rather than taking up limited interior room that should be saved for more delicate travel essentials. 

Grab this ax and shovel mount roof rack made of high-quality steel, clamp it to the flat area of your rack. You’ll be glad that you optimized your storage options and kept these tools handy but not in the way anymore. This shovel mount for roof rack will quickly become one of your favorite accessories. 

5. Roof Rack Fuel Tank

This roof rack mounted fuel tank is truly a no-brainer when it comes to long road trips or going off-roading. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no gas, so it’s always good to bring a roof rack fuel storage flat tank. 

This roof rack fuel canister fits two 5 Gal./20 Liter fuel cans. This roof rack fuel pod is fully lockable and made to protect your fuel caps. The brackets also feature a newly designed handle so you can take the extra fuel on roof rack on and off with ease. This makes it easy to refill and refuel once you’re back in town before heading off to your next destination.

This high-quality roof rack fuel tank is compatible with almost any roof rack. The roof rack fuel canister by BajaRack is the easy choice for making sure you’re not left high and dry on your exploration into the great outdoors. 

6. 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack Ladder

This roof rack ladder offers you easy access to all of the new things you’re now storing on your roof with the other roof rack accessories from this list. A roof rack allows you to climb onto your vehicle safely to retrieve all of your gear stored on the roof rack. 

This heavy-duty roof rack ladder is made of carbon steel tube and steel and is designed specifically for your 5th Gen 4Runner. It boasts easy installation with no drilling necessary. The ladder provides optimal roof access without impeding your field of view from inside the vehicle. 


Regardless of the specifics of your next adventure, make sure you have these essential roof rack accessories. The accessories on this list will help ensure you’re safe, comfortable, and ready for any adventure.  

Make a roof rack your greatest travel asset by adding all of the accessories you need to maximize its utility. Whether your plan is a ski trip in the mountains or camping deep in the forest, you’ll want to make sure you have these roof rack upgrades.