Bajarack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack Accident

Our company was born for those who view the natural, wild world as an extension of themselves — for those who see the outdoors as their own playground and live to create adventure wherever they go.

BajaRack was created for people like you. Our mission has always been to provide adventurers with the reliable, versatile equipment you need to go beyond the trail — equipment that’s as tough as you are!

When we decided to put so much thought and energy into making our roof racks the best there is, your safety was always a concern. We recently had someone share their experience, which is a testimony to how tough BajaRack's roof racks really are. Check out their story below:

Baja Team,

I have to first off say "Thank You" for producing a great product. I only was able to sport and show off my roof rack and awning mounts for 2 months since it took longer than expected to get them on. 

The stability of your products saved my life as well as my 14 year old son. 

Dec 10th 2021: 

75 miles out of Lewistown ID in Grangeville, ID right in front of the Gold course and Country Club, we came upon a corner that was covered by a snow drift. (Roads had been 100% clear all the way across HWY95) Going maybe 50-60 mph, approaching a slight left curve in the road, and there was a surprise snow drift that had blown over the HWY.

As soon as all 4 tires hit the FJ began its complete 180, crossing into the opposing lane. The passenger side tires then gripped the dry pavement and over we went.

Bajarack FJ Roof Rack
We rolled 6 times, 50 yards away from where we left the road. Side airbags deployed, and she came to rest on her passenger side. Hanging over my armrest blood dripping from my face I was yelling for my son to respond to see if he was ok.  
Bajarack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
He was asleep across the back seat. Thankfully, (my son) kept (his seatbelt) on, like I told him to.
Bajarack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
Bajarack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
I had to grab the oh shit handle, and step on the side of the transmission to lift myself up enough to get the seatbelt to release. I stood on the blown passenger side air bag telling my son to look for his phone. Mine was MIA, later found to have been ejected from and rolled over by the car.
Bajarack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack
My dash, and the interior of the car exploded. Parts were flying everywhere, blood was everywhere. We had to crawl out the rear window, and were taken by ambulance to the hospital.
Bajarack FJ cruiser roof rack

We are very lucky. We walked away! I have 5 stitches in the side of my head, broken cartilage away from my sternum (for the 3rd time), airbag trashed my face/neck, and random bruising. My son only had seatbelt rash and a purple ear.

Seeing the carnage I know that the roof rack 100% helped the stability of my vehicle, keeping us safe! 

I'm not sure how I'll be able to replace them but I would love to represent Baja Rack Family again with my next FJ. 


The BajaRack team greatly appreciates feedback and hopes this earns your trust on your next roof rack purchase!

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