Universal Roof Racks

The Mule and the MegaMule universal roof racks are designed as rugged, aerodynamic gear baskets for small- to mid-sized SUVs with existing crossbars. The Camper racks are made to mount on slide tracks installed on camper shells or vehicle roofs.


BajaRack makes dozens of racks designed for specific vehicle models! However, if your vehicle is not one of them, there are several options available to you. 

We have our two Universal roof racks, the Mule, and MegaMule. All you need are factory or aftermarket crossbars (like Yakima or Thule, for example), and all you do is attach the rack using our universally compatible brackets. 

If you have a camper shell, topper, cap, etc, we also make our Camper series of racks that attach using slide track systems (again, like those available from Yakima, Thule, etc.) with our slide mounts. This is one of the only rack options that we sell that requires any kind of drilling on your part. However, these are well-vetted systems that will provide a watertight installation if done properly. These can also be mounted on the roof of many vehicles, not just camper shells! 

So, if you don't see your vehicle among those for which we have specifically designed a rack and mounting system, give us a shout to see if it's not on our website or if it is in the works. Otherwise, you have several options that allow you to take part in the BajaRack adventure in your own way! 

Please read your vehicles owner's manual for factory rack weight capacity, you should not exceed this limit.



Patented design




Solid Construction






Due to the aluminum wind deflector and its angle we eliminate the road noise and drag.


The all around aerodynamic shape of the rack has been patented.


Even though the Mule is bigger than it's competitors it's lighter.


Both Mule & MegaMule where design as one solid structure to handle the most extreme conditions.


Durable powder coating.


Easy and fast installation.