BajaRack Delivery

BajaRack does its best to keep all its products in stock, however that is not always possible. If your order is not in stock, we will send you an acknowledgement notification with an anticipated shipping date – usually up to 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, we expect your order to ship within about 1 week. 

If you place a special order, expect the rack to ship up to 5 weeks from date of order, though it can take longer depending on our Production schedule. 

BajaRack roof racks are large, 1-piece steel roof racks packed in large boxes. As a result, they are shipped using large freight trucks from our offices in San Diego. Although we use our special relationship with our freight carriers (UPS Freight, Road Runner, and others) to give you the best price possible, it is not inexpensive to bring these well-made racks to your home or business. Although we do not offer free delivery, you will find that the total cost for our product, including shipping costs, is usually significantly lower than comparative products! We do want you to save money, so call us to place your order if you would like to pick up your rack at our offices - at no extra charge. Please note that BajaRack has little control over what happens to your rack once we ship it out – be it transit time, handling, or delivery scheduling.


Since large, freight trucks are used to bring our racks to you, these trucks need to be able to reach you. In order to avoid complications, the carrier company may need to make an appointment with you so that you can be present, or may need to make other delivery arrangements if your location is too remote or difficult to reach. 

Transit times are usually 2-6 business days (from within CA to the East Coast). Although we can estimate transit time, events and circumstances beyond anyone’s control may conspire to delay the delivery of your rack (storms, mechanical failure, etc.). Tracking information is sent to you the day after we ship - as soon as we receive it. 

To pick up at our site, please call to verify stock and to set up an appointment. Pick-up is available M-F, 8-4, with a 1 hour notice. 

If you have special delivery needs, please call us to place your order and we will help you as much as possible.


Damage / Claim

BajaRack does its best to pack your rack as best as possible to avoid damage during shipping. We work closely with our carrier partners to do what we can to minimize the chance of damage and to educate their employees on how to handle our products. However, nothing is perfect, and occasionally our products will get damaged in transit or parts may be missing from your order. 

If you are missing any part of your order, please call or email us and we will do our best to get you those parts as soon as possible. There usually is a list of components in your instructions included with your order that you can use as reference. 

If your rack is damaged, please refuse delivery of the rack, make sure that the driver notes the damage on the receipt, and email us as soon as you can. Even if the damage is minor and you find the rack acceptable, please have the driver note the damage on the delivery receipt and call/email us. 

In any event, please take photos of the box AND the rack so that we can document the damage if we need to seek some kind of compensation. PLEASE do not try to file the claim directly with the carrier yourself. If you do file a damage yourself, you are assuming all liability and we will not be able to help you if the carrier company rejects your claim. 


Whenever contacting BajaRack with a problem with your order, please complete our claim form. Please include: 
a) the name used to order your part(s). 
b) the date and location of purchase.
c) copy of order/receipt/invoice.
d) model/part number of your part.
e) nature of your problem (please be as specific as possible), with photos. 

Below is the statement that is sent to you with your tracking number and information:
Dear customer,

Below please find the tracking number for your recent order .

Please inspect contents of box prior to signing delivery receipt. At the minimum, note any exceptions (such as a crush spot or hole on the box) to the driver and write on delivery receipt. If you note anything unsatisfactory, please refuse shipment and have it returned, then call BajaRack as soon as possible. Taking these steps will protect you in the event of damage that occurred during transit.

Often, there are delays beyond our control. We strongly suggest that you contact the carrier/trucking company as soon as possible to make an appointment for your delivery as well as to learn about any delay.

Trucking/carrier information

When a shipment is received and signed clear, but the consignee later discovers concealed damage/shortage not clearly visible prior to unpacking, a claim must be filed immediately. If concealed damage/shortage is discovered after the driver has left and the shipment has already been signed for without listing visible damage/shortage on the delivery receipt, you have 3 business days to notify BajaRack of the damage/shortage. This claim should be filed immediately and along with a request for immediate freight inspection. Reporting concealed damage/shortage to the carrier within this time period does not guarantee payment of the claim by the carrier.

Thank you for your order and enjoy your new BajaRack roof rack!

We hope this information and these steps will help make your experience with BajaRack a satisfying one. Please do feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns – it is your feedback that helps us to improve.


Thank you,
The BajaRack Team