Spylight System

bajarack spylight system

A Special UTility Rack. The Spy Light System can't be retrofitted to our regular racks.

After a long day of making your own trail, you didn’t want to stop. You’ve been crashing the bush and ended up much deeper than you first planned, and it’s getting dark. Don’t worry – you’ll make your way back without trouble because you have BajaRack’s Spy Light system (patent pending)! That’s right, while you were being tough on your rig, your LED bar was safely tucked in, protected by your tough Bajarack. Now, without slowing down or getting out, you can make it as bright as you need with just a flip of a switch! Going a bit fast? No problem! With a push of the switch, you can adjust the beam to give you maximum range. And, when you’re home, another flip of the switch tucks in your precious LED bar nice and safe for the night – to be used another day.

BajaRack’s special SPY UTility rack (PN BR-TYFJ-UT-SPY-1-0 for FJ Cruisers) has a space to hide the LED bar when not in use. It is powered by a heavy duty 150 lb actuator that will give you hundreds of hours of service. Use our Spy Light system with Bajadesigns Stealth (S8), Rigid Industries, or Vision X LED bars (LED bar NOT included).






 Remote Controlled




LED lights hidden

Remote controlled with the touch of a switch on your dashboard.

Made of strong US-made steel engineered to be durable and lightweight.

Adjusts the tilt of the lights.

Available for FJ Cruiser, 5th Generation 4Runner, Land Rover Defender 110, Tacoma Double Cab and 100 series Land Cruiser.

Allows LED lights to lay flat hidden under your Bajarack.