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FJ Cruiser UTility (flat) Rack with SPY Light System (LED bar not included) (2007-2017)


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    Includes: 1 Rack, 1 Water Can Holder, 1 Green LifeSaver Water Tank & 1 FREE Green Scepter Water Can

    This rack is a specially-designed UTility rack. Other UTility racks are not retrofittable with the SPY Light System. This rack is completely flat with reinforced tubing to carry oversized loads or a large Roof Top Tent, like a Maggiolina.

    The rack includes our SPY Light System that, with a turn of a switch, will turn on and reveal your hidden LED bar! You can also adjust the beam to give you optimal lighting. The rack measures 51" W x 91" L x 3.25" T. LED Bar not included. Spylight System is a Special UTility Rack and can't be retrofitted to our regular racks

  • Technical Specs

    Includes rack, all mounts, stainless steel hardware, aluminum wind deflector, Spy Light actuator system, and Spy Light cable & switch. Compatible with Bajadesigns 40” S8, Rigid Industries 40" E-Series, and, with a bar support (please call to order this item separately), Vision X 35" XMITTER Low Profile LED bars. LED Lightbar and LED cable/switch are not included.

    Please note that our SPY UTility racks are specially designed UTility racks specifically made to be compatible with our SPY Light System.

    Material and Thickness: 1” (25.4mm), ¾” (19.05mm) and 1/2’”(12.7mm) US cold-rolled Steel tubing.
    Top Wind Deflector: 0.062” (1.57mm), 5050-H32 Aluminum
    Bottom Wind deflector: .062” (1.57mm) 5050-H32 Aluminum
    Finish: Epoxy undercoat (protectant) with black powder coating
    Rack weight:98 Lb (48.98 Kg).
    Load Capacity: Dynamic (while driving) 300Lb (136 kg); Static 600Lb (272 kg)
    Measurements:51”(1295.4mm) Wide x 91” (2311.4 mm) Long x 1.5” (38.1mm) Tall
    Mounting method: Roof mounts (6 total)

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  • BajaRack Toyota Series

    The Water Combo includes:

    1 Rack

    1 Water Can Holder

    1 Green LifeSaver Water Tank

    1 Green Scepter Water Can